TRUMPET in C by Ricco Kühn (2014). Model T053/C CB_K(L) with rotary valves, three Vienna keys, CX and C355 leadpipes, conjoined first and third trigger. Copper brass with nickel silver garland, goldplated. #148159

TRUMPET in C and in B-flat by Vincent Bach (1995). Stradivarius model CL with 229 bell, 25H leadpipe, four B-flat tuning slides. Silverplated brass. #422520

TRUMPET in high B-flat and in high A by Schilke Chicago USA (1978). Model P5-4. Silverplated brass. Customised BG conversion in 2014 to add slide ring and saddle, and Amado waterkeys.

NATURAL (BAROQUE) TRUMPET by Frank Tomes (2006). Faithfully after Johann Leonhard Ehe III, Nuremberg, 1746. With yards and crooks to play in D or in C at 440, 430, or 415. Raw brass with silver trim and engraved garland. #129

POCKET or PARLOUR CORNET or PREACHER’S CORNET in C, in B-flat and in A by Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy & Cie, Paris (1905-6).  Restored by McQueens, Manchester (2019) and Smith Brass Services, Bolton (2020). With crooks and shanks. Silverplated brass. Featured in the International Trumpet Guild Journal January 2021 (see Publications tab).

TRUMPET in E-flat and in D by Schilke Chicago USA (1976). Model E3 (medium bore, medium bell). Silverplated brass. #7757

FLUGELHORN in B-flat by Yamaha Japan (2001). Model YFH6310Z (Shew). Warburton 1 FLX mouthpiece. Silverplated brass. #402532.

CORNET in B-flat by Getzen (1983). Model Eterna LB. #EC4060 (see For Sale tab)

CORNO DA CACCIA in B-flat and in A by Friedbert Syhre (2002). With four rotary valves and leadpipes in B-flat and in A for French horn or trumpet mouthpieces.

CORNETT in G and CORNETTINO in C by Christopher Monk (1976). Ebonite with leather. Acorn mouthpieces.

MUTES: From the top, left to right: Jo Ral Copper Harmon / Wah-Wah Denis Wick Training Mute Jo-Ral Aluminium Cup Mute with felt inserts  Tom Crown straight mute (copper bottom) LeBlanc Alessi-Vacchiano straight mute (aluminium) Humes and Berg stone lined piccolo mute Peter Gane piccolo mute Humes and Berg stone lined Sh!Sh! Mannie Klein practice mute