TUNING-BELL TRUMPET in C or in B-flat by Schilke Chicago USA (1978) with main slide tubes and three tuning slides to B-flat. Beryllium bell with additional beryllium bell. Silverplated brass. Schilke triple case. Model CXL.

CORNET in B-flat by Getzen (1983). Modified to replace 1st trigger with saddle. Large bore. Silverplated brass. Getzen case. Model Eterna LB. #EC4060

CORNET in B-flat by John Packer with a Smith Watkins leadpipe (2018). Packer case. Model JP2715 MKII (SW). 

VINCENT BACH, New York (1912).  Rim and cup may be goldplated. Fits a standard trumpet leadpipe. DAVID MONETTE (2003) C2 / 81 STC3 PRANA (174g) goldplated. DAVID MONETTE (2003). Three C1-1D mouthpieces of identical inner and rim profile in three graded weights: STC1 (111g) STC2 PRANA (131g) STC3 PRANA (169g) All goldplated. RENOLD SCHILKE 20d2d (Georges Mager), 24.

TRUMPET in C by David Monette (2003), raw brass. Model C993. SOLD

TRUMPET in piccolo C by Scherzer with four rotary valves, three leadpipes. SOLD